Houhai Bar street

Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street

Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai bar street is a hot scenic spot receiving thousands of locals and worldwide visitors every day. No matter it is walking beside Houhai lake, shopping in Yandaixiejie, pedicab riding in Hutong, or drinking in the stylistic bars and dining in a lake-side restaurant, the time in this street can be very exciting and entertaining.

Famous Bars at Houhai Street

Jiading Fang Bar
By the west shore of Lake Shi Sha Hai, which embodies a beautiful scene, shimmering water, shady green, colorful reflection, sunset glow, attractively standing a Chinese style bar called Alpha & Omega. She is full of elegance and classicality in this bar street surrounded by many lotus flowers.

Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street

Address: No.9, Hehuashichang, No.51, Dianmen Xidajie, Xicheng district
Tel: 86-10-83289898
Business hours: 10:30am–2:00am
Average cost: RMB200
Website: www.jiadingfang.com/

Houhai NO-5 Bar
Renovated from a traditional Beijing courtyard house, No. 5 is situated in the heart of the Houhai area (Lake ShiChaHai). This bar and restaurant covers an area of 400 square meters. Framed beneath a glass roof, the spacious central courtyard is surrounded by delicate modern design. No. 5 represents a unique front where West meets East and is suitable for a variety of social events, from small private parties to big corporate gatherings for as many as 200 guests. On the glass roof sits an open balcony where people may enjoy delicious food, sip wine and experience great views of the lake and the entire area. A rich collection of branded vintage liquors, diversified cuisine, including Chinese, Thai and Western, as well as live music every night makes No.5 a great addition to any evening.

Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street

Address: No.5, Houhai Beiyan, Dongcheng district
Tel: 86-10-64061900
Open hour: 24 hours
Average cost: RMB300

Blue Lotus Bar
Blue Lotus was established in 1997, and was one of the first bars in the Houhai area. The name has now become well-known in China. As a pioneer in the bar field in Beijing, Blue Lotus made a great contribution to the development of bar history in Beijing. A great place to enjoy a cup of coffee after a walk around the lake or to get a beer in the early evening and enjoy a sunset.

Address: No.1, Xihaidongyan, Shichahai, Dongcheng district
Tel: 86-10-64000168
Website: www.lotusbluebar.com
Business hours: 11:00am-1:00am
Average cost: RMB300

Amber Bar
Situated right next to the Silver-Ingot Bridge, Amber provides an amazing view of Houhai lake. As the sun goes down, you can sit near a window and watch the reflections on the lake while sipping a cocktail or beer. Enjoy the serene environment and catch up with old friends. Oriental style design, with a ceiling that imitates the Dunhuang Grottos (famous Grottos in Xinjiang) and murals on the ceilings and walls.

Address: A18, Houhai Nanyan, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-66130844
Business hours: 2:00pm–3:00am
Average cost: RMB300 per person

Zone Bar
Zone is located at the east end of Houhai. The name of the bar was originally "Z-one" but was always misunderstood as "Zone" and later was officially changed. Mixing classic and popular designs, this bar has a natural and comfortable vibe. The large stonewashed yellow sofas, antique furniture, and inlayed stone floor brings the beauty of the lake inside. Don't be misled by it's first appearance, Zone is well known for having a beautiful washroom. It is shapped like a cylindar with colored pebbles decorating the surface. Be sure to make a stop when you visit.

Address: No.12, west coast of Houhai, Xicheng district
Tel: 86-10-84031419
Business hours: 1:00pm-3:00am
Average cost: RMB200

Water Nymph Cafe
Water Nymph Cafe is located on the west side of Houhai lake. Whether rain or sun, the blue waters that border the cafe will always shine. Known as a relaxing and simple place to enjoy one of china's better coffees, Water Nymph permeates a European feel that calms and quiets the soul. Water Nymph uses the world famous Italian brand ILLY to create it's coffees and has some unpredictable drinks on the menu.

Address: No.4, west coast of Houhai, Xicheng district
Tel: 86-10-84031687
Business hours: 10:00am-3:00am
Average cost: RMB200 per person

Jianguo Bar
A stylish bar known for it's fashionable people. Providing unplugged music that showcases the pure sounds of the artists, this is a great place to get away from the noise of the city. A variety of top singers and bands perform every night.

Address: No. 11, north coast of Qianhai, Xicheng district.
Tel: 86-10-66183505
Business hours: 11:00am-02:00am
Average cost: RMB200