Hangzhou Climate

Hangzhou has a temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons. June and September are the rainiest months with 200mm falling in each and rainfall building up in preceding months and sharply tailing off afterwards. Hangzhou is occasionally hit by typhoons in August or September, which acount for the second rainy season. Summer is quite hot, with an average of 33oC in July and August. Winter is cold at just above freezing on average, and it snows sometimes.

Hangzhou is south of the Yangtze River so heating is not provided as standard in public buildings according to government regulations, though, with Hangzhou being one of the most modern cities in China, it has been installed in many places anyway.

Spring is a good time to travel to see the peach blossom on the Su Causeway across West Lake, but October provides the best combination of mild temperatures and little rain. If the Chinese calendar permits you may also catch the Mid-Autumn Day festivities around West Lake in October.