Huangshan Climate

Located in the northern part of the subtropical zone, Yellow Mountain (Mountain Huangshan) has a mild, humid climate. But owing to the peculiar terrain, the temperature varies greatly between the summit and the foot of the mountain. So the Yellow Mountain's climate is marked by a vertical change, and the vertical distribution of vegetation is also distinctive. There are generally 3 climate types from the base to top: subtropical mountain base, temperate mountainside and frigid mountaintop.

The annual average temperature of the whole mountain is 7.8 oC. July is the hottest month with an average of 17.7 oC and January is the coldest with an average of -3.1 oC. There are 108 frost days (0oC or below) a year, and 21 severe frost days (-10 oC or below) a year. (According to the data from 1956 to 1980.)

On the mountain top humidity is about 90% as a monthly average in July and August, around 60% in December and January.

Yellow Mountain is the heaviest rainfall area in Anhui province. Rain falls on an average of 183 days a year. The annual precipitation is 2395 mm, concentrated in May-September.