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Huangshan Welcome Pine

Huangshan Welcome Pine

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Pine tree is one of the "Four wonders" at Mount Huangshan. You'll see many pine trees growing on mountain sides and rocks with little visible soil. They commonly grow on the alpine peaks which are about 800-1,800 meters above the sea level. They are a famous tree species in botany. They are sturdy. Tortuous branches twist together. The gesture is very beautiful and odd. Many trees are given colorful names to reflect its unique shapes such as dragon claw pine tree and black tiger pine tree.

Welcoming Guest Pine is located on the east side of Jade Screen Peak, by Wenshu Cave. It's about 10 meters (33 feet) high. The diameter of its trunk is 64cm (25 inches), and the diameter of its roots is 75 meters (246 feet). Half way up the trunk, two main lateral branchess, which are 7.6 meters (25 feet) long, stretch forwards. It looks like a hospitable host who flings his arms out to warmly welcome guests from China and abroad. This pine is the representative example of Huangshan's pines, and seems to act as an ambassador for the Yellow Mountains. Being the most photographed thing in Huangshan, its image appears as decoration in restaurants and homes all over China. It's a treasure of China. A huge iron relief of Welcoming Guest Pine is exhibited in Anhui Hall in Beijing¡¯s Great Hall of the People.

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