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1. How many pandas are in captivity?

There were about 150 captive pandas in 2000.

2. How many countries have pandas in zoos?

Six. They are China, USA, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan and North Korea.

3. How do captive pandas help conservation of pandas in the wild?

The main conservation purpose of panda breeding would be to re-introduce captive pandas into the wild to supplement the wild population. But until now, scientists have not succeeded in this goal. Studying captive pandas can also help us learn about panda behavior so we can help giant pandas survive in the wild. And captive pandas can be used to educate the public and raise funds for wild panda conservation.

4. Where is the biggest panda breeding center?

The largest breeding center is the Wolong Panda Breeding Center in Wolong Nature Reserve (Sichuan province). There are about 50 captive pandas in the center.

5. How many cubs have been born in captivity?

The first captive cub was born in 1963. Up until September 1997, 193 cubs (from 130 litters) were born in captivity.

6. Have any captive pandas been reintroduced to the wild?

Captive born pandas have never been reintroduced to the wild. Some sick or injured wild pandas have been taken into captivity for treatment and then released back into the forest.

7. Are there plans to reintroduce captive pandas into the wild?

The State Forestry Administration and Wolong Breeding Center are developing a plan to reintroduce captive pandas to the wild.