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Liangshan Mountains - Habitat of Giant Panda

The panda habitat in Liangshan Mountains covers about 685 km2 with three nature reserves.There are three nature reserves protecting giant panda, Mabian Dafengding Nature Reserve, Meigu Dafengding Nature Reserve and Ebian Heizhugou Nature Reserve. In recent years, the fast-growing bamboo shoots industry has resulted in serious distruction to the eco system around the nature reserves.

Accomadating more than 200 pandas in the wild, Liangshan Mountains are important panda habitat with less panda density compared with Minshan and Qionglai Mountains. The panda habitat in Liangshan consists of two parts, namely Daliangshan Mountains and Xiaoliangshan Mountains. Most pandas in Liangshan Mountains are found in the bordering areas between 5 counties, Ganluo, Ebian, Yuexi, Mabian and Meigu, especially in the bording areas between 3 counties Meigu, Mabian and Leibo.