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Giant Panda Population & Distribution

1. Where are pandas now found?

Giant pandas live only in three provinces in Southwestern China: Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi. They are found in half a dozen separate mountain ranges: Qinling in Shaanxi Province, Minshan in Gansu and Sichuan provinces, and Qionglai, DaXiangling, Xiaoxiangling, and Liangshan in Sichuan Province.

2. How many pandas are there in the wild?

Results from the most comprehensive survey of China's giant panda population reveal that there are nearly 1'600 pandas in the wild, over 40 percent more animals than previously thought to exist. The last panda survey in the 1980s found around 1,100 giant pandas in the wild.

3. In which area are pandas found most?

Sichuan Province has the largest panda population.