Shanghai Climate

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are very cold and temperatures often drop well below zero, though with few snowfall. In contrast, summers tend to be hot and humid. The weather in Shanghai is overall mild and moist all year round, with spring and autumn being the best time for traveling. Please see our Shanghai Tours and choose your time of travel.

June and July are the "plum rain season", characterized by gloomy and rainy weather. From late August till early September, Shanghai is frequented by typhoons and rainstorms, but they rarely cause any considerable damage. When traveling in Shanghai during these periods, please prepare umbrellas or raincoats.

Spring (March to May) is warm and pleasant, very suitable for spring outing or traveling.

Summer in Shanghai is very hot and humid, with July and August having the highest temperatures. Typhoons and sudden heavy rains frequent during summer. When traveling in summer, please prepare umbrellas, which can be used to protect against rain, as well as the strong sunshine on sunny days.

Autumn (September to November) is one of the best times of the year for visiting Shanghai. The weather is generally sunny and dry. This is also the best time for eating crabs in Shanghai. There is a big event - World Expo 2010, which will be held in Shanghai from May 1 till October 31.

Winter in Shanghai is characterized by bitingly cold north wind and heavy humidity. Nighttime temperatures often drop well below zero, but it rarely snows. The coldest period is from late January till early February, usually during the Chinese Spring Festival.