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Suzhou Climate and Weather

Located in the center of the Yangtze Delta with Shanghai City to the east, Suzhou is a city enjoys the subtropical monsoon climate. Its weather is mild and moist with an average temperature of 16oC and an average rainfall of 1076mm. Seasons are distinct, with usually hot summers and plenty of precipitation throughout the year. April to October is the best time to travel to Suzhou, when the trees and flowers of this garden city are green and in full bloom. The Plum Rain Season of June is followed by a hot July. After July, a harvest autumn arrives. Both the fresh fruits and the seafood will surely satisfy your stomach. Every year, Suzhou will hold some tourist festivals to promote its tourism as well as to show its culture. Check out the exact time before your trip if you don't want to miss them. Just like the other tourism cities near Shanghai, many Chinese visitors will choose Suzhou as one of their destinations for side trip, especially on weekends and holidays. So these peaks are better to be avoided by the travelers who mainly come to this city for its beauty. Umbrella is advisable to be equipped during rainy season, while warm clothing is needed in winter, because there is no heating provided.