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Found in Zhangjiajie!The stunning mountain that inspired Avatar's 'floating peaks'

Its soaring steeple of rock topped by a small oasis of trees looks straight out of the 3D blockbuster Avatar. But this is no special effects illusion, it's a real-life tower of quartz-sandstone deep in the rugged mountain terrain of southern Hunan in China.

The 3,544ft Southern Sky Column is one of 3,000 in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and became the inspiration for the magical 'floating peaks' in James Cameron's film after a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008.

Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, Zhangjiajie

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A national park spokesman said: 'Many pictures become prototypes for various elements in the 'Avatar' movie, including the 'Hallelujah Mountains'.'

Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, Floating Peak

Now as film fans flock to see the column, the column has had its named officially changed to 'Avatar Hallelujah Mountain'. Chinese cinemas last week began taking the 2D version of 'Avatar' off their screens in a controversial move to make way for domestic movies over the upcoming Chinese new year holiday, though the wildly popular 3D version is still available.

Tourists can now join a 'Magical tour to Avatar-Pandora' or a 'Miracle tour to Avatar's floating mountain.'